Dates for CCC 2019
af Tom Skovgaard     16/5-2018

Dates for next years CCC are May, 15 - 19, 2019!


Young Danish IM Jesper Thybo wins CCC 2018 - and scores a GM-norm
af Tom Skovgaard     29/4-2018

Young Danish IM Jesper Thybo won Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2018 convincingly with 7½ points of 9, and he scored his first GM-norm!

Another young Danish player, FM - soon to be nominated IM - Jonas Bjerre, took an equally clear second place with 7 points, ahead of 3 players with 6½ points: IM Martin Haubro, Denmark, GM Henrik Danielsen, and FM Filip Boe Olsen.

Rating prices:

Group 1 - FIDE rating 2200 - 2349 (players 14-26): Tobias Rostgaard, Denmark 6.
 - Note: FM Filip Boe Olsen scored 6½, however, he won one of the mail prices of the tournament.
Group 2 - FIDE rating 2050 - 2199 (players 27-41): FM Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen, Denmark  5½.
Group 3 - FIDE rating 1900 - 2049 (players 42-54): Per Settergren Sørensen, Denmark  4½.
Group 4 - FIDE rating 1000 - 1899 (players 55-66): Andreas Tenold, Norway 3½.

See all results and final standings etc. through the menus above, and in Chess Results here: 

Henrik Danielsen, Jonas Bjerre, Jesper Thybo, Martin Haubro and Filip Boe Olsen


Norm chances in the last round
af Tom Skovgaard     29/4-2018

Danish IM Jesper Thybo can achieve a GM-norm, his first, with a draw against IM Martin Percivaldi in the last round of CCC 2018.

And the young Danish FM Jonas Bjerre has already scored an IM norm, independent of last rounds result. Jonas Bjerre already has 3 IM norms, and are looking forward to be nominated with the IM title by FIDE.


CCC 2018 Prices
af Tom Skovgaard     26/4-2018

The CCC 2018 prices are as follows:

1. price: 4.000 kr.
2. price: 3.000 kr.
3. price: 2.000 kr.
4. price: 1.000 kr.
5. price: 1.000 kr.

Rating group prices:

Group 1 - FIDE rating 2200 - 2349 (players 14-26): 1.000 kr.
Group 2 - FIDE rating 2050 - 2199 (players 27-41): 1.000 kr.
Group 3 - FIDE rating 1900 - 2049 (players 42-54): 1.000 kr.
Group 4 - FIDE rating 1000 - 1899 (players 55-66): 1.000 kr.

Prices are not shared but will be decided by tie breaks (Middle Buchholz, thereafter SB - if still equal, price is shared). Only one price can be won by each player.


CCC 2018 Appeals Committee
af Tom Skovgaard     26/4-2018

The appeals committee for CCC 2018 consists of the following persons: GM Stellan Brynell, IM Martin Haubro, and Kim N. Andersen.


CCC 2018 started - all games are transmitted live!
af Tom Skovgaard     25/4-2018

Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2018 is now running with a field of 64 players from 9 nations, headed by 6 GM's, 7 IM's, and 1 WIM. 9 rounds will be played in total over this week, and all games from each round are transmitted live!

Round 1 is ongoing, and the remaining 8 Rounds will start each day at 10:00 and, respectively, at 15:30, at the next 4 days.

Information and games, and links to the live transmissions etc. will be available through the menues above. We wish everybody a great CCC 2018, and we thank our sponsors: The Copenhagen Chess Federation (KSU), The Danish Chess Federation (DSU), The Support Federation of the Danish Chess Federation (DSUS), and the organising club BMS Skak.


CCC 2018 starts today!
af Tom Skovgaard     25/4-2018

Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2018 will start with 1st round today, April 25th, at 18:30 hrs.

The final list of participants and the pairings of 1st round will be available here shortly before the 1st round is started. Until then, the list of registered players can be seen from the menu under "Participants".

Important information:

1) Arrival and registration
Registration is possible from 16.00 hrs at the playing site. Players shall be registered at the latest 17.30!

If you are registered, and your advance payment is registered in the table of participants, you need to arrive latest when round 1 starts, at 18:30 hrs.

2) Late arrival for games
It is accepted that players arrive up to 30 minutes late for a game. The game is lost for the player that arrives later than this to a game.

3) Regulation of draw offers
The players are not allowed to offer a draw to their opponent before thirty (30) moves have been completed by both players.

And please find all relevant links for the tournament in the menu above.


Xtracon Chess Open
Large Open Tournament in Denmark
21 July - 29 July 2018


Sponsors of CCC


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