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The IT company Xtracon is the new main sponsor for the Danish chess tournament Copenhagen Open

13-11-2015 16:38

Press release from Copenhagen Chess Federation:

The IT company Xtracon A/S becomes the new main sponsor for the largest Danish chess tournament “Copenhagen Open”, also known as “Politiken Cup” after its previous main sponsor through decades, the Danish newspaper “Politiken”. In the future, the chess tournament will be named “Xtracon Chess Open”.

Through recent years, Copenhagen Open has been played over a week in July/August at the attractive resort “Konventum” / “LO-skolen” in the scenic surroundings of Helsingør in the northern part of Sealand. With more than 400 participants from more than 20 countries, including many strong Grandmasters, the tournament has become not just a major chess event of Denmark, but also a significant and highly recognized international event.

The IT company Xtracon is a Danish company specializing in IT hosting and IT operations. The owner of Xtracon, Henrik Mølvig, is himself a strong chessplayer who normally participates in the tournament that will from now on bear the name of his company. Xtracon is already known for sponsoring other chess events in Denmark, including the top league of the Danish team championship, “Xtracon Skakligaen”, as well as other open GM tournaments over the years.

The Copenhagen Chess Federation (KSU) is the organizer of “Copenhagen Open” which has been held yearly since 1979. The newspaper “Politiken” has been the main sponsor in most of the years since the first tournament, why the name “Politiken Cup” is very well known and recognized nationally as well as internationally. The president of KSU, Sigfred Haubro, states that KSU has been very satisfied with the long relationship and the cooperation with “Politiken”. KSU welcomes, though, the new sponsorship, which has been agreed for a period of three years, 2016 – 2018.

Sigfred Haubro adds that “Xtracon Chess Open” will continue based on the same concept as of recent years, and as a part of the “Copenhagen Chess Festival” also including blitz tournaments, simultaneous events, kids cup and many other events.

With the record high number of participants of this year, over 400, KSU are looking forward to organizing “Xtracon Chess Open” also in the years to come as an attractive and major chess tournament which international professional chess players and club players will enjoy attending. In 2016, “Xtracon Chess Open” will be played July, 23rd – 31st. More information, in Danish, can be found on www.ksu.dk (Copenhagen Chess Federation) and www.skak.dk (Danish Chess Federation).

The tournament site will be up and running in the near future on www.xtraconchessopen.dk.

Henrik Mølvig and Sigfred Haubro after signing the sponsorship.

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