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Interview with the winner GM Parimarjan Negi

04-08-2013 16:55

We asked the winner GM Parimarjan Negi a few questions about his successful tournament.

The Homepage: This is your second appearance in Politiken Cup, and second time you win. Congratulations.

Negi: Actually it is the thirds time I participate. It is second time her in Elsinore, but I also participated in 2006 in Høje Taastrup, but then I didn’t win the tournament.
The Homepage: How do you find this tournament?
Negi: I am very satisfied. I like the place, the green surroundings, the beautiful sea, we play football at night. I have really enjoyed my stay.
The Homepage: You are going to Tromsø now to play the world Cup. What are your expectations?
Negi: It is difficult to say. It is a knock out tournament, so much depend on luck.  I have used the last few months to prepare, so I will be in good shape in Tromsø.
The Homepage: With 9 out of 10 in Politiken Cup you look very well prepared.
Negi:  Thank you. I played Politiken Cup as a kind of preparation to Tromsø. The weather and the people is the nearly same.
The Homepage: Good luck in Tromsø. It has been a pleasure to have you in the tournament.
Negi:  Thank you. I would very much like to come back another time.

GM Parimarjan Negi

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