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Single room with breakfast 570 kr.
Single room with all meals 900 kr.
Double room with breakfast each person 345 kr.
Double Room with all meals each person 675 kr.
The college is beautifully situated in a park near sea and forest

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Quality Chess Best Game Prize to Tiger

By: jllUpdated: 26-07-2009 17:59
Best Game Prize by Quality Chess goes to Tiger Hillarp-Persson for his win in the 6th round against Alexey Dreev.

Blitz games

Updated: 26-07-2009 17:45
Download games from the semifinal and final here : Blitz games in pgn format

Peter Heine Nielsen Nordic Champion 2009

Updated: 26-07-2009 16:23

Final standings in The Nordic Chess Championship 2009

1. GM Peter Heine Nielsen, Denmark, 8 points.
2. GM Jonny Hector, Sweden, 7½ points.
3. GM Emanuel Berg, Sweden, 7½ points.



GM Negi won Politiken Cup 2009

Updated: 26-07-2009 16:17

GM Parimarjan Negi, India, won Politiken Cup 2009 on tiebreak. Negi scorede 8½ points. GM Boris Avrukh, Israel, won second prize, also with 8½ points. GM Vladimir Malakhov was third with 8 points.


See You next year at Lo-skolen in Elsinore

Updated: 26-07-2009 12:10
Politiken Cup is played next year from Saturday 31st of July to Sunday 8th of August. As usual the tournament will be played at the Lo-skolen in Elsinore. We look forward to seeing you again.

A Dutchman and a Swede won Group B

Updated: 25-07-2009 21:09
Group B was won by Frans Smits, De Baronie from Holland, and Stefan Myrenfors, Helsingborg Schachsällskap from Sweden. Both scored 6½ in seven games.

Nordic Championship - standings

Updated: 25-07-2009 20:49
The defending champion Nordic Champion Emanuel Berg leads The Nordic Chesschampionship before the last round:

1. GM Emanuel Berg (S) 7 ½. 2-5. GM Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark), GM Sune Berg Hansen (DK), GM Evgeny Agrest (S), and Tiger Hillarp-Persson (S) 7 6-12. GM Jonny Hector (S), GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (N), Joachim Thomassen (N), IM Esben Lund (DK), Benjamin Arvola (N), GM Lars Schandorff (DK) and GM Yrjö Rantanen (Finland) 6 ½.

View complete standings under Nordic Championship in bar.

Three norm chances

Updated: 25-07-2009 20:24
Three players have norm chances in 10th and final round:

SP: Sethuraman need a draw against Peter Heine Nielsen for a GM norm (ten games)

Joachim Thomassen need a win over GM Lars Schandorff for an IM norm (ten games)

Benjamin Arvola must have a draw against GM Alexey Dreev for an IM norm (ten games)

Grandmaster-tournament in Borup

Updated: 25-07-2009 18:38
On 4 to 13 September, there are an open grandmaster-tournament in Borup (45 minutes from Copenhagen by train) , where the local chessclub Skovbo organizes the fourth edition of XtraCon Cup. Seven GM are enrolled in the field where the last enrollment is 21 August. More information at
All GM kan apply for a starting fee.

GM Emanuel Berg winner of Copenhagen Blitz 2009

By: jllUpdated: 25-07-2009 13:29

Copenhagen Blitz 2009

Final standings:
1. GM Emanuel Berg, Sweden
2. GM Alexej Dreev, Russia
3. IM Christian Jepson, Sweden
4. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, Norway

Semifinalgroup I: 1) Dreev 5½. 2) E. Berg 5) 3) Bulski 4½. 4-5) Tazbir og Skytte 4. 6) M. Rølvåg 3. 7) Aabling-Thomsen 2. 8) Petri Petersen 0.
Semifinalgroup II: 1) Hammer 6½. 2) Jepson 6. 3) P. Skovgaard 4½. 4) Henrik Lidberg 4. 5-6) K. Schmidt og Veng 3. 8) Thomassen 0.

Dreev - Jepson 1½-½
Berg - Hammer 2-0

Final Berg - Dreev 2-1
Dreev - Berg 0-1
Berg-Dreev 0-1
sudden death Berg (white 6 minutes) - Dreev (5 minutes) 1-0)

3rd place: Jepson - Hammer 2-1
Hammer - Jepson 0-1
Jepson - Hammer 0-1
sudden death Hammer (white 6 minutes) - Jepson (5 minutes) 0-1



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