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Europeanchampion wins Politiken Cup 2008

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 30-07-2008 13:07

GM Sergei Tiviakov Holland won Politiken Cup 2008 on the best tiabreak.



By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 26-07-2008 21:59
There has been a small mistake in the ratinggroups, they are now corrected so they are as in the invitation.

Live is temporarely out ouf funktion

By: Lars-henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 26-07-2008 17:05
Live is down due to pc-break down we are changing the PC and hope to return.

Norm"s and Norm Chances in round 9

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 26-07-2008 11:05

Djurre den Heten has allready made an IM-norm, Congratullation.
Felix Klein makes an IM-norm with a draw today
IM Oliver Kurmann makes a GM-norm with a draw today.





Enter the Blitztournament to day.

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 24-07-2008 10:00
Last chance to enter Fridays blitztournament is today at 19.30-

GM Kogan simultan and lecture

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 22-07-2008 20:20
GM Kogan gives a short lecture about how to win more games before his simul at 8. in øresundsalen.

First Master Course of Olalachess Academy

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 22-07-2008 09:00

GM Artur Kogan who playes in the tournament is also one of the founders of Master of OLALACHES read all about here.

Chess is a great game to play,but it"s much nicer when you win,right?!

This is YOUR CHANCE to make the RIGHT MOVE and quickly IMPROVE!

We like to help to every chess lover who enjoy playing and studying the game of the king.

We believe that with passion to the game, will to improve and correct instructions,

everybody can master it!

 Just subscribe to our academy first course in September, and in the same time you will enjoy a great vacation in one of the most touristic places in Spain!

Are you ready to become a Master of OLALACHESS?! 



Games from 2. round

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 20-07-2008 15:55
All games from 2. round is on the homepage.

Contact to Politiken Cup organizer

By: Lars-Henrik Bech HansenUpdated: 20-07-2008 10:33
If you want to get in contact with the organizer phone +45 26 32 63 58 or email: formans@ksu.dk

Pictures from the Eljanov simul

By: Michael NielsenUpdated: 19-07-2008 15:01

See pictures from the Eljanov simul at the copenhagen central train station here  http://www.ksu.dk/politiken_cup/billedAlbum.aspx?id=79&aar=2008

Eljanov won the simul 16½-3½. 

Results (Eljanov-opponent):

Michael TandrupBlack1-0
Trine Treppendahl White½-½
Peter OlsenBlack1-0
Martin HaubroWhite1-0
Erik RasmussenBlack1-0
Jonathan BraünerWhite1-0
Odd Martin GuttelsrodBlack0-1
Sigfred Haubro White1-0
Klaus PoulsenBlack½-½
Flemming Bo LarsenWhite½-½
Claes SchwerwinBlack1-0
Nicholas NielsenWhite1-0
Jens Gade Black1-0
Lene KuntzWhite1-0
Thomas SandagerBlack1-0
Thomas Schou-moldtWhite½-½
Tom RydstrømBlack1-0
Lars Aaes NielsenWhite1-0
Søren Holm JensenBlack½-½
Allan LindWhite1-0

Invitation (PDF)
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