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Boris Gelfand to visit Xtracon Chess Open!

By: Tom SkovgaardUpdated: 11-05-2016 21:19

Boris Gelfand, world elite player through more than 20 years and WCC challenger in 2012, visits the Danish Xtracon Chess Open tournament July, 27 – 30!

Boris Gelfand is an institution in chess. He was no. 3 in the World in 1990 and has been in the top ever since. He was 2nd-3rd at the 2007 Mexico World Championship tournament, won the 2009 World Cup, 2011 Candidates tournament and lost the 2012 World Championship match in the tiebreaks. In 2013 he was one of the World’s most successful tournament players, winning three World class round robins as the only one, in front of all of the top players in the World.

Latest Boris Gelfand won the "ECF 2015 Book of the Year" for his collaboration with Danish GM Jacob Aagaard, "Positional Decision Making in Chess". They are currently working on the follow-up, "Dynamic Decision Making in Chess", which will be published in hardback at the end of August, by Quality Chess.

At Xtracon Chess Open 2016 Boris Gelfand will, assisted by Jacob Aagaard, give a lecture, talking about the two books. The entry fee for the lecture is 225 DKK, which includes a free hardback copy of "Dynamic Decision Making in Chess" and a chance to get it signed be the authors.

As an extra bonus, Boris Gelfand will also participate in the blitz tournament on Friday evening, 29th of July!

The lecture will take place after the 7th round, Thursday the 28th of July in the commentary room at 20.00 and will take between an hour and a half and two hours. Registration, and payment, can be done here from the tournament website - link here.


Julio Granda Zuniga plays Xtracon Chess Open

By: Tom SkovgaardUpdated: 20-03-2016 13:57

GM Julio Granda Zuniga from Peru joins the field of players ready for Xtracon Chess Open 2016! Granda Zuniga, placed no. 52 with rating 2688 on FIDE's rating list of March, is admired by many not just for his strong play and fighting spirit, but also for his natural talent for playing great chess!

Granda Zuniga has a long list of top results in his chess career, following his achivement of the GM title at the age of 19 in 1986. In recent years, the FIDE World Cup 2013 will come to mind, where Granda eliminated none less than Melkumyan, Peter Leko, and Anish Giri before he was eliminated himself by Caruana! And the convincing victory this summer in Andorra Open with 8 points in 9 rounds also impressed, as covered by Chessbase herehttp://en.chessbase.com/post/granda-zuniga-supreme-in-andorra.

And Danish chess fans will remember Granda Zuniga sharing 1st place with Bent Larsen in Mar del Plata 1993.

It is the first time, Granda Zuniga plays the Xtracon Chess Open, and maybe also Granda's first visit to Denmark.



By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 28-02-2016 21:48

More than 100 chessplayers have already signed up for Xtracon Chess Open 2016. Will the record from last year fall?


Familiar faces at Xtracon Chess Open

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 14-02-2016 00:42

Even though the tournament name now is Xtracon Chess Open, a lot of things haven't changed since the recent years of Politiken Cup. There will be some familiar faces among the participants:

Aleksey Dreev has been a member of the Russian chess elite for several years. In 1996 he peaked at the World rankings with a 9th place. His list of results is quite impressive: World Under-16 Champion, European Junior Champion, Biel Winner, Hoogovens winner, European rapid chess champion, European blitz chess champion, etc. He has also reached a World Championship quarter final and won 3 olympic gold medals with the Russian team.

Dreev won 16th prize in Politiken Cup 2009 and 4th prize in 2012. This year he will surely be one of the contestants for the tournament victory.

Daniel Naroditsky showed his blitz skills last year where he won the Oddset Blitz. The american grandmaster finished only a half point behind the winner of Politiken Cup 2015, and he will be one of the favourites for the tournament win this year.

Learn more about GM Naroditsky by visiting his website:


Vladimir Burmakin finished a half point behind the winner of Politiken Cup 2012. The experienced Russian grandmaster has a lot of fine tournament wins including Chigorin Memorial and Cappelle-la-Grande.

His ELO is currently 2556 and he peaked at 2627 in July 2009.

Sabino Brunello is a good friend of Danish chess. He has played for Sydøstfyn Chessclub in the Danish chess league, and the Italian GM has multiple participations in Politiken Cup on his resume.

His best performance was in 2013 where he was in the lead before the last round, but after a loss to the tournament winner Negi, he had to settle for 7th prize.

Last but not least we will get another visit from Mihail Marin, who gave an interesting lecture and took 8th prize in Politiken Cup 2015. Marin has written a number of well-received books including "Learn from the Legends", which was named the 2005 ChessCafe Book of the Year.


Tania Sachdev unfortunately had to cancel her participation.


French re-visit

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 06-02-2016 00:11

3 French top-players will return to Konventum and Xtracon Chess Open. They all participated in Politiken Cup last year.

GM Laurent Fressinet is probably best known as Magnus Carlsen's second at the 2014 World Championship match. His 2700 ELO makes him one of the tournament favourites, just like last year where he took the 4th prize.

A video from Politiken Cup 2015 going through Fressinet's fine win against Kramnik:

GM Sebastien Mazé is participating for the third time. In 2015 he took 7th prize and and in 2013 he finished 4th. Among his best results is the 2nd prize in Reykjavik Open 2012 behind Caruana.


IM Axel Delorme has the playing strength of a grandmaster, which his 2500+ ELO indicates. He is still missing the norms to become a GM, but maybe he can achieve one in Xtracon Chess Open?


Online room booking

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 04-02-2016 21:29

The online booking for accommodation during the Xtracon Chess open 2016 is open.

Go to online booking here. The language can be changed in the top right corner of the booking page.

Room Prices:

Single room:
Incl. breakfast: 690 DKK
Incl. full board: 999 DKK

Twin bedded room:
Incl. breakfast: 870 DKK
Incl. full board: 1520 DKK

De luxe room: Additional 300 DKK


Norweigian Grandmasters plays Xtracon Chess Open

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 16-01-2016 12:46

It is a pleasure to present a 2700+ grandmaster at Xtracon Chess Open 2016. Right now Jon Ludvig Hammer is just below 2700, but according to www.2700chess.com he will pass this milestone next month.

Hammer is a clear number 2 in Norway, and he is known for his entertaining style of play. He won the prize for best game in Politiken Cup 2015, and was placed third in the overall standings. He will without any doubt go for the tournament victory this year.

Update 6th April 2016: Unfortunately GM Aryan Tari will not be playing Xtracon Chess Open this year. We hope to see the the talented young Norwegian on another occation.


Two world champions and a continental champion

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 05-01-2016 23:06

The field of strong chessplayers in Xtracon Chess Open 2016 is beginning to take shape. Lately we have made deals with 3 interesting new players, who all have won world or continental title tournaments.

GM Bassem Amin won the African Championship last year. He has also been a part of the Egyptian national team at the Chess Olympiads in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Chessbase interview after the African Championships

Interview at Reykjavik Open 2013

GM Abhijeet Gupta is a former Junior World Champion. He won the title in 2008. At the 2012 Chess Olympiad his performance at India's board 4 earned him an individual silver medal.

Personal website:


GM Dariusz Swiercz unfortunately had to cancel his participation in Xtracon Chess Open. Hopefully the 2011 Junior World Champion will play in Denmark on a later occasion.


For the 5th consecutive year: GM Jan Timman plays Xtracon Chess Open 2016

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 12-12-2015 00:49

Another world class chess player will be playing in Xtracon Chess Open 2016. For the 5th consecutive year the Dutch GM Jan Timman is participating. He has been a part of the world's top players for more than a decade, and in that period he was considered to be the best non-Soviet player. He has been a World Championship candidate several times and in 1993 he lost a match against Karpov for the World Championship title.

The organizers behind Xtracon Chess Open are looking forward to have the Dutch legend in the field of strong chess players.


Shirov plays Xtracon Chess Open 2016

By: Thomas LarsenUpdated: 07-12-2015 22:09

We are proud to present GM Alexei Shirov in the field of strong chessplayers that will compete for the first prize in Xtracon Chess Open 2016. The 43 year old Latvian has been as high as number 4 on the world ranking and in January 2008 he reached his highest rating ever: 2755!

Shirov became Grandmaster in 1990 and has collected a lot of tournament wins through the years. His finest result was the victory in M-Tel Masters 2009 ahead of Carlsen og Topalov. In 1998 he beat Kramnik in a match to select the World Championship challenger for Kasparov. However the Kasparov-Shirov match was never played. He also made an attempt at a World Championship title in 2000, where he lost to Anand at the final of the FIDE World Chess Championship.

Shirov played first board for Latvia at the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø and he has played 4 times for Latvia. In the period from 1996 to 2010 he represented Spain with 7 appearances.

It is the first time Shirov is playing a tournament in Denmark since Kerteminde 1991 where he took first place ahead of Curt Hansen. We are looking forward to enjoy his entertaining style of play at Xtracon Chess Open 2016.

Shirov's games, results and much more.


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